About DJ Musica

İHola amigos! Welcome to Dj Musica, Spanish for kids website.

Dj Musica hit the decks for the first time in January 2015. 

The concept:

To make language learning simple, colourful, dynamic and appealing to pre-school and primary age children, and to take them on a journey exploring the wonders of the Hispanic world.


Each unit lasts 6 weeks and stands independently, allowing children to start at any point.

Children learn basic, subject specific vocabulary through songs, games and repetition and gradually build sentences over the course of the unit.

Each unit explores a different Spanish-speaking county.


Founder and Director

İHola!  I’m Kate, founder and Director of Dj Musica, Spanish for kids.  I really, REALLY love Spanish!  It makes my heart soar watching and listening to children embrace language learning with enthusiasm, confidence and laughter.  Teaching pre-school and primary aged children has been a revelation. Their brains soak up language like a sponge and they can hear and copy sounds so easily. They are fascinated by the world and inquisitive about other countries and cultures.

The journey to becoming Dj Musica

I lived in Mexico as a child and went on to study Languages at Sheffield University, spending a year in Ecuador teaching with the British Council and travelling around South America.

I qualified with a PGCE from Kings College London and began teaching, later being put in charge of Key Stage 5 languages.

I have two children and was keen to introduce them to Spanish from an early age. A family holiday to Spain and my first experience of a mini disco showed me how positively children reacted and learnt from music and movement.  Dj Musica was born, the idea to combine structured language learning with the spirit of the mini disco!