DJ Musica Classes Overview

Mami Musica (18 months - 3)

Classes will leave children and adults tapping their feet, clapping their hands and singing the catchy songs for days to come. A great introduction to Spanish from a young age!

Class information:

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Mini Musica (age 3 - 4)

Classes are fun and jam packed with music, games and activities, which will enthral, entertain and inspire children to love language and explore the world.
Children are introduced to different sounds and words, which will support communication and phonics development.

Class information:

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DJ Musica (ages 5 - 7)

From the warm up to the cool down children are kept entertained and on the tips of their toes.
Children will start to understand and build phrases of 2 to 5 words long. Vocabulary and basic grammar are introduced in a dynamic and fun way that builds confidence and aptitude.

Class information:
Tuesdays 3:45 – 4:30pm at St Mary's Community Hall, Church Road, Long Ditton.

Wednesdays 3:45 – 4:30pm at Long Ditton Village Hall

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Mega Musica (age 7 - 9)

Classes are structured and fast paced.
Emphasis is placed on the learning of vocabulary through games, music, rhyme and repetition. Sentence building advances as vocabulary increases and grammatical structures develop. Workbooks are used to consolidate language learning.

Class information:

Tuesdays 4:45 – 5:45pm at St Mary's Community Hall, Church Road, Long Ditton

Maestro Musica (ages 9 - 11)

Spanish is used consistently throughout the class. Children understand instructions in Spanish and communication in target language is encouraged. Children are able to build longer more complex sentences with different grammatical structures. Global events and problems are discussed and children learn to express their opinion and listen to others.

Nurseries & Schools

Dj Musica is available to come in to nurseries and primary schools.
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