Dj Musica is a fun, multi sensory introduction to Spanish for Children, with music and movement at its core.

Dj Musica is designed to capture the spirit of the Spanish-speaking world and open the eyes and hearts of children to a life-long love of language and travel.

Working in line with the UK national curriculum, Dj Musica makes language learning for primary age children simple, accessible, engaging and fun!

With disco lights, catchy songs, dancing, games and fun facts about Spanish speaking countries, Dj Musica makes learning Spanish a fiesta for everyone.

Mami Musica

18 months – 3

Classes will leave children and adults tapping their feet, clapping their hands and singing the catchy songs for days to come.

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Mini Musica

pre school (age 3 – 4)

Classes are fun and jam packed with music, games and activities, which will enthral, entertain and inspire children to love language and explore the world.

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DJ Musica

Ages 4 – 7

Children will start to understand and build phrases of 2 to 5 words long. Basic grammar is introduced.

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Mega Musica

Ages 7 - 9

Sentence building continues as vocabulary increases and structures develop. Reading and writing is used in the class to consolidate language learning.

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Maestro Musica

Ages 9 – 11

Spanish is used consistently throughout the class. Children understand instructions in Spanish and communication in target language is encouraged.

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Nurseries & Schools

All Ages

Available for all ages and abilities

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