Dj Musica has been built and developed based on the following ethos.

  • Is a great benefit to cognitive development
  • Improves the functionality of the brain by challenging it to recognise and negotiate meaning
  • Supports memory and communication skills
  • Visual
  • Kinaesthetic                                                   
  • Auditory
  • Tactile
  • Learning to listen and understand different sounds.
  • Learning to use the mouth as an instrument to copy and pronounce new sounds.
  • Songs help to memorise new words & phrases through rhythm, rhyme and repetition.
  • Music, singing and dancing create a happy and contagious energy that gets everyone smiling, moving, motivated and engaged.
  • The brain and body are connected. Learning happens from the feet up.
  • Movement promotes physical fitness, coordination and higher academic achievement.
  • Teaching children about different countries, people, customs, traditions, culture, geography and history fuels a greater understanding and curiosity for the diverse and wonderful world we live in.
  • Language and communication play an integral part in society yet too often people lack the confidence to have a go. Learning a language at a young age in a safe, fun and relaxed learning environment can build future confidence.