Thank you Kate! DJ Musica is a fantastic class, my 3 year old daughter LOVES it, and on a recent trip to my in-laws place in Barcelona, she started up a conversation with the
neighbours. She was sooo excited when they responded, and she could understand it - proud mummy watched in awe! All thanks to the confidence she has found in learning a
second language in such an amazing way! We can't wait to see what next term has in store for us! xxx


My daughter is now on her 4th term of DJ Musica and thoroughly loves the classes! She can at times be quite shy in new situations; but Kate put her at ease straight away; sparking her interest with all of the interesting and educational elements to the classes.

My daughter comes home from classes having learnt not just a new language in a fun and engaging way; but also lots of exciting facts about different countries; their traditions; the way their inhabitants live as well as historical facts!

Kate is full of energy and the children clearly love the classes; I couldn’t recommend DJ Musica highly enough!


My son loves attending DJ Musica and it's amazing to see how much he has learned already! The sessions are really well planned and structured with lots of fun, games and
dancing, great for introducing little ones to Spanish but it's so much more than that! Kate shows real passion for teaching and her enthusiasm is infectious. We have tried
lots of different activities and DJ Musica is definitely one of our favorites, we can't wait for next term!

Super high energy, keeps the kids interested with creative fun games and really helps them all learn Spanish in a fun way. I would recommend this class to anyone!

DJ Musica is great. Kate interacts really well with the children. In just 2 sessions my 3yr old is shouting out the colours she recognised from the class. Great value for money.
The kids have fun and learn Spanish too. Even I've picked up some of the lingo.


Both of my children are lucky enough to be taught by the hugely talented Kate Felton. We wouldn't miss a class. One of the highlights of our week.


Excellent Spanish class! Great way of introducing languages to children!


We love Kate's DJ Musica classes! They are always full of fun, energy and interactivity. Kate is a brilliant, natural teacher and is always thinking of interesting and creative ways to engage the children. It's so great to hear my son talk about the words/facts he's learnt over the week.


Thank you Kate for the great introduction to Spanish, you bring energy and enthusiasm to your classes which makes it fun for the kids to learn. The games are imaginative and varied, and it is obvious that a lot of thought goes into each class, Dj Musica is my daughters favourite class and she looks forward to it every week.


DJ Musica is not just a language lesson, it's a language, geography and culture experience. The brilliant sessions are jam packed with fun games and creative ways for the children to learn about the Spanish speaking world. Kate isn't just teaching my children, she has sparked a curiosity and interest in the world and how people in other countries live and speak. Bravo!